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AfterSteps is an online end-of-life planning platform with educational resources and tools to create your plan, store it, and transfer it to your designated beneficiaries.

New Trends for the End

We each have our own unique personalities in life, so it makes sense that those differences would be expressed in the way we choose to go out. And by going out, I mean to the afterlife, ceasing to exist, to … Continue reading

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Digital Footprints: Your Online Legacy

Since you’re reading this article, you are probably reading it online. You may have even found it via Twitter or Facebook. Besides getting much of our news and information online, many of us love social networking sites (SNS) where we … Continue reading

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Estate Planning for Agribusiness

In the popular media, the romance of “city girl falls in love with farmer” seems to be spreading and is quite captivating. Penelope Trunk, founder of Brazen Careerist, wrote about how she fell in love with and married a farmer. … Continue reading

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The Psychology of Estate Planning

Summer is in full force. Most of us are far more concerned with the UV Index and humidity level than estate planning. But only two things in life are certain – death and taxes. The government gives us no choice … Continue reading

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AfterSteps Launch

Check out the just-launched version of AfterSteps at AfterSteps provides an interactive checklist that walks you through the creation of a secure end-of-life plan and then insures the transfer of this plan to your designated beneficiaries upon death.  The … Continue reading

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Estate Planning Considerations for Same Sex Couples

Rainbow colored celebrations across the country signaled the news last week that same-sex marriage was signed into law in the state of New York. But with all the revelry, there is also seriousness. Legal marriage brings about changes that require … Continue reading

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A First Step

A hallmark of a life well lived is knowing that we will be missed when we’re gone. But hopefully, memories of happy times will bring comfort and smiles to our loved ones. Sometimes a personal item can bring back memories … Continue reading

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